You know that awkward moment when Hayley Williams says she doesn’t think she’s really that attractive? It’s an absolutely improbable self-humility – of course, you’re hot. Get with it. How about John Mayer, playing that that starry-eyed, tragic hero who shreds a Stratocaster in half and then coldly says, “I’m not that good at guitar and teenaged girls don’t like me that much.” Don’t you just want to punch that creep in the face? Humility, I value. False-humility can get stuffed. Dallas Green, by all means and criteria, should be on this list too. He’s a national superstar in Canada for his work with both Alexisonfire and City and Colour and his slow but steady trickle over the borders is making him a global name. And now he’s 30, he’s just released his third solo album Little Hell under his cleverly eponymous moniker and he still has the nerve to sing “I’m like a jack of all trades who’s a master of none.” But no. Somehow, he’s believable. Somehow, Little Hell ends up being Green’s most honest and intimate album yet. He still sings and writes like he’s not so sure just why everybody thinks he’s “awesome” but Little Hell does nothing except affirm that Green only becomes more awesome with time.